Sue Kurian posing with her flute

Music and Performances

Do you want your guests yelling across the tables in order to be heard over loud amplified music? I am a flutist who is sensitive to this concern.

My colleagues are the area's finest musicians, and I have performed with them for many years. I can offer music for flute alone, or in ensemble with strings (violin, viola, cello), harp, guitar/lute, keyboard, and/or vocalist. Our repertoire ranges from renaissance, baroque, and classical to ragtime and popular.

We're available for (and have played at) nearly any type of event you can imagine, including:

Many thanks to Michael Nix at Nixworks for the recording and CD mastering!

Dream Gift
Dodi Li, traditional Jewish
King of the Fairies, traditional Irish
Sunrise, Sunset, from Fiddler on the Roof
Wedding Song, by Paul Stookey

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